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Long Island Floor Waxing Service

Many manufacturers of electronic components require environments free of static electrical charge. This type of static charge can build up on floors over time unless special measures are taken to dissipate the charge.

Commercial Cleaning Long Island offers a professional Anti-Static Floor Waxing technique that cleans your manufacturing floor to a shine while also applying floor wax specifically designed to dissipate charge. We can time our cleaning schedules according to the traffic and charge build-up rate of your manufacturing or communications floor, thus supplementing writs cuffs and floor mats to ensure lasting protection for your equipment.

Protect Your Floor's Shine with Waxing

Dirt, grime and other wear-and-tear will eat away at the shine of your floors. Using our high speed polishing and commercial waxing and sealing products, we beautify and protect your floors. Your floors were a tremendous investment. Give them the protection they need, and make your space look spectacular!

“We Don't Cut Corners, We Clean Them”

Call (631) 580-3300 or visit our contact page to get a quote for Static Free Floor Waxing in the Long Island, NY area.

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